All the templates for this app should be located in the subfolder of pinax/blog/ in your template search path.

Blog List

The BlogIndexView and SectionIndexView both render the template pinax/blog/blog_list.html with post_list, search_query, current_section context variables, where current_section is either a Section object or the string "all".

The post_list variable is a queryset of current blog posts. If the GET parameter, q is found, it filters the queryset create a simple search mechanism, then assigns the value to search_query.

Post Detail

The four blog detail views (DateBasedPostDetailView, SecretKeyPostDetailView, SlugUniquePostDetailView, and StaffPostDetailView) all render the template pinax/blog/blog_post.html with the post and current_section context variables.

The post is the requested post. It may or may not be public depending on the url requested.

Blog Feeds

The url blog_feed will either render pinax/blog/atom_feed.xml or pinax/blog/rss_feed.xml depending on the parameters in the URL. It will pass both templates the context variables of feed_id, feed_title, blog_url, feed_url, feed_updated, entries, and current_site.

Both of these templates ship already configured to work out of the box.